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Co-Founder, AdLunam | Documentary Executive Producer | Author of Web3 Explained | Host of The Future of NFTs | Web3 Speaker

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Nadja Bester

Founder, Web3 investor, startup advisor, and marketing & communications expert
Seasoned entrepreneur with a unique blend of marketing, investment, and tech expertise, backed by 16 years of experience
Co-founder of AdLunam Inc., the Web3 industry’s first Engage to Earn investment ecosystem with a Proof of Attention model
Speaker at international industry conferences
Host of the podcast The Future of NFTs
Blockchain professional since 2017
Executive Producer of a Netflix documentary on the future of the internet, covering Web3, AI, and spatial computing
Previous roles include agency director, CMO, consultant, and journalist for publications like and

Board member focused on new money systems and sustainability

Nadja Bester

Founder, Web3 investor, startup advisor, and marketing & Seasoned entrepreneur with a unique blend of marketing, investment,

Co-founder of AdLunam Inc., the Web3 industry’s first Engage to Earn investment ecosystem with a Proof of Attention model.

Nadja Bester


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AdLunam Inc.: The industry’s firs NFT-Integrated Engage to Earn seed crowdfunding and IDO launchpad with a Proof of Attention allocation model.

The Future of NFTs podcast: A deep-dive into the fascinating world of NFTs with founders, leaders, and visionaries about the unique role NFTs will play in the digital landscape.

Web3 Explained: Join Nadja Bester as she live-tests 12 new applications for Web3 technologies, in the first-ever real-time crowd-shared book on the future of technology.

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Over the past few months, we have been actively involved in planning and executing a variety of events. These endeavors have allowed us to create engaging experiences and forge meaningful connections with participants from different backgrounds.


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Just super excited to be meeting here with you Nadja and I love everything that I see you doing in the space. Thank you.

Mel Shapcott Founder & CEO of Invisible Lotus

Thank you. Great pleasure to be here and love what you're doing also with everything here.

Yu-Kai Chou Founder of Metablox NFT & Founding Partner of The Octalysis Group

Thank you so much. The past 1 hour was like it just flew for me and it was beautiful. One of the best conversations I've ever had. Thank you so much for having me here tonight.

Subham Jain Founder & CEO of XRCouture

Thank you for having me today. And trust me, Nadja, you've been doing an amazing job. I mean, people like you are going to be something very important for this space. Not just us, but people like you and your team who take this entire conversation to the global market, to people who are not aware of what's Web3, it's very important to educate everyone. Trust me, you're doing an amazing job.

Ashok Balasubramanian Assistant vice president and the chief of Metaverse for NFTICALLY

I highly recommend the other episodes of "The Future of NFT's" with Nadja Bester, who is an excellent host and knows how to keep things interested and get the most out of her guests!

Karel Byloos Co-founder 49/Meta

Nadja Bester It was great talking to you NFT Paris! In fact our conversation inspired me to share more RL use cases with my LinkedIn Audience. That's why I'm launching The NFT Experience Show.

Alexander Hoogewijs Founder & CEO SiteManager

You are kicking hard in this space! Thanks for preaching the web3 gospel

Festus Abodunrin Web3 Content Strategist

Thanks for your efforts in educating on the possibilities of Web3.

David Justin Founder, BLOCKTIVITY

We love the passion and consistency of Nadja, she is unstoppable and working to make this space a better environment 🚀

Bruno Calabretta Founder ,AuroraCoaching

Nadja is a pleasure to work with. She has a deep understanding of the Web3 space. No doubt she will as huge value to this space as it expands over the next few years. 🙌

Simon Smith Founder, Excalibur.FM

You are hands down one of the most knowledgeable, consistent, and positive content providers on my entire feed. Anyone who is interested in Web3, the applications, challenges, where it's going should be subscribed to this newsletter and follow your profile.

Brett Butler Co-founder & CEO, Brass Synergy

Thank you so much Nadja Bester for your kind words, support , encouragement and recognition! Let's continue pushing boundaries together and building a more inclusive future for everyone .

Keerthana HS Software Engineer Intern at Zeliot

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