Social Media Is Everything That’s Wrong With This World

Attending a Chamber of Commerce and Industry breakfast talk on social media in the workplace, the slant unexpectedly focused on the true issue in a country like South Africa, namely the deep-rooted underlying racism that makes itself known in a million different ways in our private and professional lives seemingly every day of the week. Racism being […]

All Hashtags Are Equal, But Some Hashtags Are More Equal Than Others

I’ve often wondered if I was destined to go into digital. When it comes to website URLs and social media pages, you had better decide on a business name to secure your online real estate pretty much before you’ve even decided to start a business, if you’re going to grab the right name in time. […]

Parenting Hack – The Secret to Launching a Child to the Moon

As a parent – success manual or not – there’s a number of mental checkboxes that stalk our thinking patterns. One of these is the responsibility of setting our Mini Me’s up for the day they wave their wings bye-bye at the nest and set off into the Great Unknown. Though let’s face it, in […]

Biological Warfare In the Business World

Self-proclaimed lapsed biologist, strategist and NYC MD of Boston Consulting Group, who stands at the head of its Henderson Institute, Martin Reeves delivered a remarkable TED talk that – as far as TED-worthy ideas worth sharing go – is about as idea-infused and share-worthy as it gets. Through a rabbit hole-deep analogy between biology and business, he sets out to match […]

Cryptocurrency ‘s Schizophrenic September

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain are today where the internet found itself all those years ago. Back then, we wrote Internet with a capital i – that’s how new it was. Can you remember a time when no one but geeks and nerds could claim to have been “online”? (We wrote that sort of thing in inverted commas back then, too.) […]

Cryptocurrency’s Hunt for Red October

While the cryptocurrency markets are far from stable, bitcoin shows no signs of slowing down, and has surpassed the US$6,000 mark this month. With bitcoin market prices aiming for the moon, the line between hands-off alternative currencies and governmental regulations are becoming finer by the minute. The result has been that ICOs were not in […]

If You Think Blockchain Was Big This Year, Watch Out for 2018!

Rounding up the last two months of the year, it’s clear that 2017 was The Year in blockchain. While we’re far from widespread adoption, an overwhelming amount of people become aware of, and started investing in, cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups. Yet, what 2017 only touched upon, 2018 is set to exponentiate. Watch this space! Cryptocurrency […]