With Blockchain Forum India scheduled to enlighten the sub-continent’s blockchain keen and curious at the end of February 2018, we look at why this event matters.

Cryptocurrency: India’s State of the Nation

With more than 15 cryptocurrency exchanges operating in the country and over US$3.5 billion invested in the course of 17 months, India – home to 17.74 percent of the world population – is a sleeping crypto giant. An estimated 5 million traders have invested in cryptocurrency and blockchain via regulated banking channels.

Blockchain in India

Blockchain technology offers an alternate – and altogether more attractive – future for every industry. Whether it’s energy, healthcare, finance, banking, agriculture, logistics, government infrastructure, or entertainment and arts, blockchain is set to revolutionize it.

With its vast public resource infrastructure at both central and state levels, India offers blockchain technology experts an open hand in shaping the future of nearly 1.4 billion people.

While the Indian government has yet to embrace blockchain the way it’s been by the likes of Japan and other blockchain-friendly countries, a much-needed conversation has been initiated after finance minister Arun Jaitley mentioned Bitcoin in the country’s recent national budget speech.

Blockchain Forum India

The Blockchain Forum held in Mumbai on February 27 – 28, 2018 will bring together a host of bright minds in the industry. For two days, you can interact with experts talking about topics ranging from overall developments in this global industry to blockchain’s everyday applications. The conference offers entrepreneurs and organizations a chance to discuss and explore the possibilities of using blockchain in the Indian context.

The conference takes to heart the words of Ajeet Khurana, head of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Committee (BACC) of Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI):

Right now, the general understanding of the term Bitcoin in India is vague. There are a lot of people in India who are intrigued by the technology but don’t understand it well enough.

Conference Speakers

Sponsored by Wanchain, Skychain and Crypto Wallet, the event features prominent keynote speakers in the industry:

Other speakers include:

For a more detailed list of speakers or to book a delegate pass, visit the Blockchain Forum India website at www.blockchainforumindia.com.