Nick Szabo is somewhat of an enigma. Some have credited him as the true identity behind Satoshi Nakamoto, and most of the industry hails him as a pioneering legend in the development of blockchain’s smart contracts.

But Szabo is infamously elusive and, unlike other social media-savvy blockchain experts, he keeps a much lower profile. If you had the opportunity to rub shoulders with computer scientist, legal scholar, and cryptographer Szabo, what would you ask?

Now, thanks to the World Crypto Economic Forum in San Francisco on January 15–16, 2018, this very opportunity will present itself.

The World Crypto Economic Forum in the San Francisco Bay Area is the first of a series of events around the world to support the blockchain community and create a global network of entrepreneurs and developers in today’s fast-evolving blockchain economy.

Szabo will be a keynote speaker at this event that is sure to kick 2018 into high gear. Alongside Szabo, this dynamic, groundbreaking event includes a host of noteworthy industry leaders in the blockchain space, including Eric Ly, LinkedIn co-founder and CEO at Hub, and Michael Arrington, TechCrunch founder and founder at crypto investment fund Arrington XRP Capital.

Other speakers include:

Over and above this stellar lineup for keynote presentations and panel discussions, the event will also feature power networking sessions – and what a networking opportunity this will be!

There will also be a token pitch and a hackathon contest, giving startups the opportunity to strut their stuff and connect to key industry contacts, investors, and advisors.

According to co-organizer Jun Dam:

The WCEF is a place where thought leaders gather to share, learn and discuss the big picture of how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology impacts the world and economy. WCEF also attempts to be a standard of quality for blockchain conferences by focusing on participant goals. To that end, WCEF organizers have designed more structured networking events tailored for partnerships & hiring, shorter presentations & lightning talks with key takeaways to increase knowledge retention, as well as high-level developer talks that are aimed to improve the technical knowledge of all participants.

With so many exciting opportunities to take advantage of, places are sure to fill up quickly. Visit the event website at and get your early bird ticket here.