Crypto news aggregator Cryptopanic is a handy daily stop to get the low-down on what’s happening in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Know What’s Going On

Ask any cryptocurrency investor on how to get started, and the first thing they’ll tell you is: Read. Read as much as you can, learn what there is to learn, educate yourself. Then, once you have a hold on the basics, stay up to speed!

The blockchain industry is accelerating at unprecedented speeds. Bitcoin’s mooned US$10,000, blockchain’s the Next Best Thing (and, quite possibly, the markings of the biggest societal shift since the birth of the internet). Suddenly, we’re getting our thrills, not from skydiving or watching the Grand Prix unfold, but instead seeing the markets rise. And rise some more.

Get the News That Impacts the Market

In the Information Age, the rapid speed at which blockchain technology is accelerating is swiftly being matched by the rate at which content is being posted about it online. With so much out there, the question becomes: where do you go to get your daily crypto news fix?

Enter CryptoPanic.


CryptoPanic is a handy news aggregator to sift through the droves of content that’s fed to the World Wide Web on a constant, never-ending basis. It offers registered users the ability to vote on a post’s importance and its ability to impact pricing positively or negatively, as demonstrated by Invest in Blockchain’s piece on the role of blockchain in human evolution.

CryptoPanic voting

It also boasts an API for third-party sites wanting to feature its aggregated posts and indicators. What’s more, the site enables bots or webhooks to automatically post trending, all, or specified news to Discord, Slack, and Telegram channels.

With a yearly fee of US$99, the PRO version allows users to enable or disable existing news sources, or add new RSS/Atom, Twitter, and Reddit sources to their individual feed.

The Man Behind the Screen

CryptoPanic was started by full-stack developer, entrepreneur and skydiving photographer Kaspars Sprogis. Sprogis has a rich and varied background in development, and CryptoPanic is his valuable contribution to the blockchain industry.

CryptoPanic came about after years of market products introduced by Sprogis that all aim to sift through and make sense of the information overload that’s out there.

Sprogis has previously released a list-making website, an entertainment guide, a prototype TV web app, a skydiving community news site, and a TV show recap guide, amongst a plethora of other developments.

With CryptoPanic, his passion for blockchain follows in the footsteps of his other interests which he has channeled into useable products for the online world to enjoy.

According to Sprogis:

I have always been interested in cryptocurrencies and with the prices skyrocketing and falling, it is getting harder to keep track of many reasons and indicators why it happens or may happen. The information is distributed through many sites and sub-reddits, so I decided to create one place where users can read and vote spot positive or negative signals.

To get your daily fix of blockchain, don’t sift through site after site: CryptoPanic is a convenient one-stop that incorporates user sentiments on which developments will have an impact on prices.

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