Monero and Zcash have a new contender in the anonymous cryptocurrency space: Spectrecoin (Xspec). The cryptocoin is set to surpass all deliverables offered by its contenders.


Xspec was built on the principles of privacy as a core individual right. The development team is governed by a ‘Zero Knowledge’ philosophy. Thus, Xspec was born as a way to transfer money anywhere on the planet while being:

  • anonymous,
  • untraceable, and
  • unlinkable.

Spectrcoin Xspec Twitter

TOR compatibility

The technology powering up this proof-of-stake cryptocoin operates under the guise of Tor, an anonymity network. The development team aims to make Xspec the first coin to offer full Tor support. Xspec, unlike Monero and ZCash, promises fully integrated TOR OBFS4 support with its version 1.3 update. This facilitates anonymous use even in countries that block TOR. It also surpasses the privacy claims made by other cryptocoins.

China, Iran, and Turkey all block TOR. TOR OBFS4 has been proven to bypass such technological blockades. Countries the likes of Bahrain, Indonesia, Russia, and Saudi Arabia already censor TOR and their governments employ solicitous surveillance practices to monitor citizens’ online behaviour.

An anonymous peer-to-peer app that uses obfuscated TOR to enact transactions in countries where this would otherwise not be possible, is a game changer.


For a cryptocoin to become the trusted market leader in anonymous virtual transactions, it requires an impressive set of advanced technical features, and Xspec doesn’t disappoint. In addition to an encrypted chat platform and advanced wallet, the desktop and mobile applications offer:

  • POSv3Native TOR implementation
  • TOR OBFS4 support
  • Dual Key signatures
  • Ring signatures
  • Stealth addresses
  • ZKP
  • Additional ‘trust features’ implemented in-APP

Investing in Xspec

Xspec has been making inroads since concluding its ICO which, coincidentally, has been one of the top-performing ICOs in history. The company has even been mentioned in the New York Times.

Spectrecoin XSPEC ICO ROI Stats
Data accessed October 18, 2017

With the potential to be the only cryptocoin to allow anonymous transactions in Internet-censored countries, Xspec is set to rise from its relatively unknown coin status.

Investors who have done their due diligence in researching Xspec are responding accordingly, with most opting to hodl the coins they acquire instead of selling at a low price.

Many people are waiting to see Spectrecoin fulfil its developmental roadmap and step up as a major player in the anonymous cryptocoin arena.