Consumer psychology 101 says a website’s user interface (UI) is key. In fact, design alone has the power to make or break a product’s traction. Open-source tech Ark, a company that is pioneering SmartBridges technology, took heed.

Ark’s new website

Open-source tech Ark, a company that is pioneering SmartBridges technology, took heed. The crypto “blockchain sandbox” startup formerly had a website interface that left much to be desired. Users complained about being unable to read menu items or find the download button for the Ark client. The team’s UI designer, Oleg Shcherbyna, has done a good job with the new design.

Ark redesigned website home page

Ark: Unassuming diamond in the rough

ARK, today still a relatively unknown altcoin, is often praised for:

  • Being run by a solid development team
  • Having an ambitious and realistic roadmap
  • Being fast technology (8-second blocktime clearing)
  • Offering SmartBridge technology that will be instrumental in linking different blockchain ecosystems in future
  • Possessing over a well-designed cloneable blockchain that doesn’t rely on downloading the chain to your computer
  • Featuring a well-functioning Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) (a function similar to Bitcoin mining)
  • Supporting multiple programming languages
  • Sporting push button-deployable blockchains
  • Possessing over real-world mobilization thanks to consumer-centric approach
  • Being mobile-friendly as per its upcoming Android and iOS mobile wallets

The future beckons

With a low market cap and great development still on the horizon, Ark is set to go from strength to strength, and their new website UI appears to be just the beginning. Let’s see what the markets think. Some investors predict Ark will take off, possibly spectacularly so. Ark’s chief development officer, Francois-Xavier Thoorens, was formerly a core developer at Lisk, and is sure to bring valuable experience to the table, much of which we can already see in the groundbreaking tech the company is developing. While most of the focus is on bitcoin right now, this is something to investigate.