Part V: 10 Death Sentences in Digital Newsletter Publishing

A guideline for all seasoned digital publishers and those in the making

Because it’s easier to promise you a rose garden than the time needed to read a lengthy article, this is a 5-part series.

Death Sentence #9: Neglecting the personal touch

One of the problems of bulk mailing to many people at once is that we forget to be human. People aren’t stupid, and we all receive enough emails on a daily basis to be considered mini mail-experts. As much as you can tell when someone’s written you an email personally versus the generic email everyone gets and, usually, ignores, one glance at your e-mail is all your list needs to tell whether it is from you personally, and whether you’re sending it out to a large group.

If you don’t know how to add the personal touch to your e-mail headlines, you’re missing out on a lot of engagement with your newsletters. And that’s the whole point of mailing your list in the first place.

Always talk in a personal tone rather than selling to your subscribers all the time. Otherwise, they will think you are just trying to grab their money (and you’re not, are you?) Be their ally; be someone they want to open emails from. That’s the kind of thing that gets you the leads and the business and the loyalty.

Death sentence #10: Never offering any bonuses

Sometimes, businesses forget to offer bonuses to their subscribers. They forget that, once in a while, they should offer free gifts to entice them to stay on. You can also use bonuses to entice people to join as new subscribers and in so doing grow your email list.

Try writing a free report about the latest developments in your industry, and offer this as a bonus. Tell them how much the report would be worth if you were to charge for it. This increases the value your visitors place on your bonus. (Just ensure that the report really is of top quality and worth the monetary value you place on its head!)

For example:

“We’d normally charge $27 for this special report, but we’re giving it away for free to our loyal subscribers…”

You’ll increase the perceived value of your bonus, as well as make your subscribers feel pampered and appreciated.

Never neglect this powerful method!


There are many mistakes committed by newbies, but the worst mistake you could ever make is to repeat your mistakes over and over again. This is where the dramatic title of this post series truly comes in. If you keep committing small but crucial mistakes like the ones listed, you’ll end up losing credibility in the eyes of your subscribers (even if you are a seasoned digital newsletter publisher).

Always be vigilant and keep an eye out for blind spots you might’ve missed. Keep on refining your work – digital marketing changes its spots on a daily basis. Stay current and updated. Consider outsourcing to a freelance digital marketerto make sure that what is delivered to your audience is on par with the most up-to-date best practices.

Good luck!

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