Part IV: 10 Death Sentences in Digital Newsletter Publishing

A guideline for all seasoned digital publishers and those in the making

Because it’s easier to promise you a rose garden than the time needed to read this, this is a 5-part series.

Death Sentence #7: Forgetting to publish your newsletter in RSS

RSS is one of the many ways people use to access your content without having to visit your website or blog directly. Most of the time, newsletter publishers want their subscribers to subscribe directly through their e-mails or autoresponders because they can keep track of the size of their list.

However, neglecting RSS is silly. Would you rather have four imperfect eggs for a scrambled egg breakfast and leave the table with a full tummy, or one perfect specimen, only to fantasise about lunch for the next few hours? Although you can’t cater to every single subscriber’s needs, enabling RSS is a way to reach your readership across many different platforms. There are people who would rather read everything through their feeds. Try your best to meet their needs.

Another advantage of publishing on RSS is that you’ll increase your readership and sales through bypassing all the email filters. If your e-mail for your newsletter contains a trigger word that alerts the SPAM filters, you can be sure that word would be captured and thrown into the SPAM or Bulk folder as fast as you can say the word ‘spam magnet’! Of course, best is to not use those trigger words at all.

 Death Sentence #8: Neglecting the ‘subscriber only’ privilege

Businesses have the tendency to treat a subscriber just like any other person on their database.

However, newsletter subscribers are some of the most important people in your arsenal, especially for your marketing strategy. They are people who are genuinely interested in your work and spend time reading it. You should pamper them and treat them with care because that is probably where the money is!

Since they usually follow you from the beginning to the end, you should give them a reward. For example, if you are a promoting a product or service, consider giving your loyal subscribers a discount. Not only will it get you more sales, but they’ll appreciate it and will gladly refer others to subscribe to your list or even start promoting as your affiliate (if you open up that avenue) because they’ve been given the special treatment. Ultimately, loyalty is as loyalty does. Your newsletter is a fast track to making you get lots of it.

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