Part III: 10 Death Sentences in Digital Newsletter Publishing

A guideline for all seasoned digital publishers and those in the making

Because it’s easier to promise you a rose garden than the time needed to read a lengthy article, this is a 5-part series.

Death Sentence #5: Publishing whenever you feel like it

Did you know that you should keep in touch with your subscribers as regularly as possible?

There are more people on the Internet than you could ever imagine. Many (i.e. hundreds of millions) of them are signing up for digital communications with online and offline businesses alike. And the number of businesses offering these digital publications are climbing steadily every single day. If you don’t keep in touch with your subscribers, they’ll most likely forget all about you and your newsletter – and your existence as a whole. Don’t ever let this happen to your business! It’s far easier to keep an existing customer or subscriber compared to getting a brand-new one. The fact that they’ve signed up is, statistically speaking, a dot on the i short of a miracle. If they open your email, to boot…consider yourself fortunate indeed. That’s no mean feat. Don’t abuse it and don’t underutilise it. Use it.

Publishing regularly suggests to your readers that you are organised and on the ball, and you’re able to meet deadlines and commitments. Not to mention committed. Sounds like the kinda person to do business with, right?

You must learn to set aside some time for your publishing schedule. (I have a sneaky suspicion most good things in life can be traced back directly to good time management.) Take 20 minutes – you can do that while waiting in line at the bank or supermarket – and brainstorm topics to include in your newsletter. Remember that attention spans are short. Short and straight to the point is the name of the game. Think ’10 ways to…’, ‘5 kinds of…’, ‘3 times when…’ Writing a novel is not the objective. Being helpful (content marketing) and regular (communication 101) is.

To add value to your communications, take a few hours and construct an e-course on a topic your audience would find useful or that they struggle with. That’s a good way of drawing in new subscribers, too.

Even if you don’t have any special content for your subscribers, try to stay in touch with them as regularly as possible. Even a simple “Hi” followed by a link to an industry breakthrough that could impact them will do the job just fine!

Death Sentence #6: Neglecting the older archived issues

Part and parcel of the process of newsletter publishing involve moving from one issue to another. As you progress, you’ll have many back issues at your disposal, something most businesses tend to neglect. Past issues are seen as outdated or useless. Anything but!

Unless your information is completely obsolete, there’s a whole list of things you can do with a back issue. One example is to repackage previously issued newsletter content as an incentive to get prospective subscribers to sign up for your list. A quick shuffle here and there, and voila! An ebook at the ready that took little more than cut and paste.

Note: See why it’s important to offer quality content in your newsletter? It takes ya places!

You can also make your archived newsletters available on your website or blog. People do read older issues, especially if it contains information that benefits them. You’ll be able to get more of your visitors that are on the “fence” to join your newsletter, giving you a bigger list to market your products or services to.

Plus, it comes up in search results. Even if the word SEO brings up no other meaning than some boy band your teenager probably listens to, know that a newsletter is, by its very nature, full of the rich long-tail keywords search engines love. You’re already sitting on a goldmine.

Want the rest of the low-down on what to avoid?

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