Part II: 10 Death Sentences in Digital Newsletter Publishing

A guideline for all seasoned digital publishers and those in the making

Because it’s easier to promise you a rose garden than the time needed to read a lengthy article, this is a 5-part series.

Death Sentence #3: Not giving good or useful content

Some publishers are so obsessed with getting traffic and making a profit that all they ever do in their newsletters is sell products or services and talk about themselves. They use their newsletters to boast about how great they are and how good their business is doing, to the point that they bore their subscribers to death. We all know people like that in our daily lives. And we all find them utterly obnoxious and to be avoided at all cost. Don’t be that person in expanding your business online. It’s defeatist, to say the least.

Another common mistake is loading a newsletter with so many ads or affiliate links that it disrupts readers’ reading pleasure. You have a very small time scope within which to keep them interested. Do you really want to annoy them into oblivion?

If you were to buy the latest computer gadget or fashion magazine, only to have to dig through a haystack just to find the content pages – would you buy the next issue? Recommend it to a friend? Have anything good to say about it?

Thought so.

Content is king. Never diverge from that. But even more important than said industry mantra – relevant content for your subscribers should be the main deal. That’s the only reason they’re there.

Provide useful content for roughly 80% of your newsletter and leave the rest for business news and/or ads. It is a healthy balance.

Death Sentence #4: Not focusing on your business

On the other side of the coin, there are many publishers who talk about everything under the sun by serving up powerful and useful content for their readers but they forget about the most important thing – making MONEY.

Ultimately, publishing a business newsletter is about making money. You can hardly do it without promoting yourself or your business. It’d likely be a great big waste of time, energy and resources unless there ends up being an R.O.I. in the long run somehow. In any business, branding is key, and a newsletter is all about creating that awareness while at the same time providing value-added content that establishes you as the go-to in your particular industry or niche.

Learn to use strategically placed sales links so that your prospects don’t feel as though they are being ‘sold to’. Talk about the problem first, then introduce solution(s) to that problem, before finally addressing YOUR solution. End everything with a call-to-action. That way, you won’t be wasting traffic from your subscribers. Make ‘em click! But make ‘em want to click. That’s the secret, whether it be digital publishing or parenting or social relationships of any kind.

Want the rest of the low-down on what to avoid?

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