I Attended SEO’s Funeral, and It Was Beautiful

Ever since clever people got even cleverer online, the Who’s Who in the digital world has been throwing around the term ‘SEO’ like they courted it over a romantic dinner the previous night.

And then it went and died on us.

Or so you would believe, listening to businesses go on about how “he done me wrong” when referring to some SEO specialist they’d contracted to make them The Best Business in the Whole Entire World…on search engines, at least. Now, convinced that search engine optimisation is nothing but another internet marketing scam, they’ve boxed being on page 1 of the search results in the ‘Dark Magic’ box, and nothing more shall be said about it.

Are you in a position where you want – or desperately need – to up your SEO tactics? Google’s started up a whole zoo with Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, ready to whip websites into shape all kung-fu like, ensuring that the Internet of Things enjoys awesome user experience free from desperate black-hat tactics and ALT tag-bombs.

Far from enjoying the afterlife, hand-in-hand with Internet Explorer and cheap-looking web design, SEO’s simply morphed into another body…and a good-looking one, at that. SEO’s also gone and upped its values, going from sleazy one-night stands with those “specialists” who claim to get you onto page 0.01, to beautiful relationships rich in understanding, value, and mutual benefit.

Isla Paradiso, isn’t it?

  • If you’re willing to invest in your business, it is.
  • If you’re serious about building your brand, yes.
  • If you’re dedicated to bringing the best to your industry, absolutely.

Content marketing is a long-term relationship, not a one-night stand.

These days, SEO prefers going by the name of ‘Content Marketing’. And like all grande dames, we are charmed to meet you, dear.

Feature image by Photo Mix on Pixabay