Don’t Envy the Player, Play the Game

Ah, content. The stuff any keeping-with-the-times marketer’s dreams are made of. The stuff any business’ marketing budget should be full of. The stuff the internet (i.e. the people you want buying from you) is simply, totally, absolutely in love with.

Have you looked at Big Business and wondered how the heck they do it, anyway? (And did you notice, while you were at it, that it’s far from just Big Business doing it these days?)

Every piece of content you create goes through a miraculous little process of getting life breathed into it. Whether your content marketing is in-house or outsourced (here’s why outsourcing digital marketing is awesome), the content creator(s) sits hunched over the data, engrossed in bringing your company’s message to the fore and make it rock. Hours pass by, in which life slows down to a flicker of a heartbeat. And then, finally!, ‘Save’ is pressed for the last time, ‘Export’ and ‘Email’ is gleefully finger-jumped on, and voila! another content marketing masterpiece is born.

Ha. If only. The reality is that there‘s a whole lot of legwork to be done, once you have that golden (content) ticket in your hands… ehrm, inbox. Content marketing’s great in that it lends itself to being recycled and upcycled, effectively making your ROI totally worthwhile.

But for that, you have had got to get off the sidelines and become a team player.

Feature image by Chris Liverani on Unsplash