Cryptocurrency’s Stealth Game is Strong

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain are today where the internet found itself all those years ago. Back then, we wrote Internet with a capital i – that’s how new it was. Can you remember a time when no one but geeks and nerds could claim to have been “online”? (We wrote that sort of thing in inverted commas back then, too.) Chances are that you can’t remember, simply because you didn’t know it existed.

Today, the revolutionary technology that has been quietly taking the world by storm, is still in the pre-pre-installed computer dictionary stage. It’s like our devices are giving us the look, asking, “What are these weird things you’re getting yourself into?”

Whether you’re in the know or not, this quiet revolution is steamrolling ahead and changing the face of things anyway. Just like the personal computer did, just like the internet did, just like the smartphone did. Seeing a trend yet?

We’re standing on the dawn of yet another massive technological disruption. Not everyone is ready for it. And they needn’t be: there are still people, even today, buying their first computer or connecting to the world via their first smartphone. Mass adoption isn’t a prerequisite; it’s a consequence.

In the meantime, cryptocurrency and the blockchain are giving its early adopters plenty of belly pics on its way to birthing itself as the world’s Next Big Thing.