Cryptocurrency’s Hunt for Red October

While the cryptocurrency markets are far from stable, bitcoin shows no signs of slowing down, and has surpassed the US$6,000 mark this month.

With bitcoin market prices aiming for the moon, the line between hands-off alternative currencies and governmental regulations are becoming finer by the minute. The result has been that ICOs were not in the spotlight in October as they were in the preceding months, possibly due to state interventions in various nations.

Other cryptocurrencies have had a slow month in the shadow of their pioneering predecessor, but companies are all hard at work behind the scenes to make their tech faster, agiler, and more secure.

The divide between bitcoin as a speculative commodity and an everyday utility currency has been up for debate this month. Adoption of bitcoin as a trade currency is increasing, yet bitcoin’s transactional speeds due to block size are cause for much consternation.

Blockchain technology is a hot topic on everyone’s lips. With talks of national blockchain-based cryptocurrencies for several world governments, coupled with continued blockchain trials by large multinational corporations, we’re as sure to see more of it on the macro scale. Closer to the ground, fintech and blockchain startups are all working towards the successful implementation of exciting, revolutionary ideas.