I Attended SEO’s Funeral, and It Was Beautiful

Ever since clever people got even cleverer online, the Who’s Who in the digital world has been throwing around the term ‘SEO’ like they courted it over a romantic dinner the previous night. And then it went and died on us. Or so you would believe, listening to businesses go on about how “he done me wrong” […]

Don’t Envy the Player, Play the Game

Ah, content. The stuff any keeping-with-the-times marketer’s dreams are made of. The stuff any business’ marketing budget should be full of. The stuff the internet (i.e. the people you want buying from you) is simply, totally, absolutely in love with. Have you looked at Big Business and wondered how the heck they do it, anyway? […]

Digital Marketing to the Rescue

Whether you’re a small, medium-sized, or large enterprise, going digital means having equal opportunity to compete in the global market. A business with a tight budget that nonetheless strategises and creates a workable digital marketing plan can be more successful at online sales than an international corporation that has no online visibility at all. Digital marketing, […]

Happy Birthday, Content Marketing. You’re Too Old for a Cake Now.

For marketers (i.e. anyone with a vested interest in getting something out there — you don’t need a title after your name) 2015 is probably the most exciting, if not most challenging, year to date. Marketing is changing its mother tongue to digital, and you’re either with it, or you’re losing out. Gone are the […]

E=3rd World2

(Digital) Entrepreneurs in the Developing World Ever wondered where the most entrepreneurs worldwide find themselves? Not in funky wallpapered-NYC lofts, it turns out. Uganda, at 28.1%, leads the worldwide trend in ‘growing your own money’. In fact, the “entrepreneurially spirited” United States hovers in the lowly 4-4.9% category. Not quite what you’d expected, is it? A weak […]

The Importance of Being a Swiss Army Knife

Pondering the inevitable disappearance of your job title, the preferred response is not to panic (check if ‘What to Do When You’re Doomed‘ is currently on special on Amazon), or stick your head in the sand and continue selling typewriter covers, but to plug and play. Become a multiplug adapter of sorts. As someone who’s […]

Healthcare Has a Dirty Word, and I’m Using It

After a recent foray into the global life sciences industry, and in particular the pharmaceutical sector, I have since come to realise that I have found in healthcare the long-lost child I hadn’t known was missing from my life. From a marketing perspective, the normal rules of Let’s Overwhelm the Consumer doesn’t – for the most part – […]

Create It or Break It: Innovate, or Go Extinct

The Uber Economy It was when I saw a person – whose friends, I’m sure, least expected it from – share a post on Facebook about the digital reality in 2015 that I knew ‘the world’s largest taxi company owns no taxis, the world’s largest accommodation provider owns no real estate’ singsong had gone full […]